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About Us

Big Dog Haven, Inc. is dedicated to providing shelter, food, medical care and rehabilitation to unwanted, abandoned, and stray large breed dogs in the East TN area with hopes of finding a caring family that will adopt them into their loving home.

Here at Big Dog Haven, we provide all our animals with 24 hour care in a loving and nurturing environment. We specialize in the rescue of LARGE breeds. Our housing areas are set up for XXL breeds due to the fact that most shelters simply can not afford or have the facilities to house these big dogs – so no big dog will be at risk just due to their SIZE! All dogs will be altered to decrease the unwanted population and vet ready before being place in a home that has been accepted as safe and loving.

Getting these dogs in a safe and healthy home where they can live their lives without fear, and know someone loves them, is our dedication.

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Address: 5840 West Allens Bridge Road | Greeneville, Tennessee

Phone: (615) 517 -0282


Big Dog Haven is located on 9 acres in a rural area outside of Deer Lodge, TN. We are in the process of retro-fitting a 30×30 building to house indoor kennels with runs, along with exercise areas, and fenced paddocks with a 30 ft visiting kennel area. We rely SOLELY on donations and we are a non-profit, 100 percent volunteer company. To date, all funds have been provided from our own pockets, so building has been an extremely slow progress, but we are determined!

Here at BDH, we provide all our animals with 24 hour care in a loving and nurturing environment. We provide a lot of play time and stimulation, medical care, proper nutrition, rehab and training, so that our pups are home ready! We like to take them on walks in the woods, play time with the water, and when possible, social activities outside of the farm at parks, rivers, and trails so that our kids are well socialized and they can enjoy activities with their new families!

Charlie is an 8 week old Pit Bull Great Pyrenees mix.